Naturalistic itineraries of Lake Bolsena

Lake Bolsena boasts a natural and largely untouched and is one of the few major Italian lakes to be completely bathing. The cleanliness of its waters has guaranteed an extraordinary development of plant and animal species, including many species of algae and aquatic plants almost completely disappeared in other basins. There are numerous tourist sites, with a particular propensity for tourism in contact with nature.

We have included a section Thermal given the proximity of Lake Bolsena with spa among the best in Italy.

I lake Italy

Archaeological Nature Park Turona

The reserve is located in a wooded and hilly area and offers panoramic views of Lake Bolsena. InNo place rich in archaeological remains, including many Etruscan tombs the foundations of an imposing temple and traces of an ancient settlement. The link above is of Etruscan paths with all the information.

Bike to Lake Bolsena

Travel or bike rides in the area of ​​Lake Bolsena will allow you to enjoy the scenery and maybe stop for a swim in some well-deserved beach of Lake or one of the numerous Terme. The links that we propose is Bikeitalia website specializing in travel by bike.

THE path of the River Marta

Along the way you can admire the extraordinary environment that characterizes the territory crossed by the river Marta with its beautiful forests and hiking unspoiled. the link is to the Province of Viterbo in the Cycle Track River Marta, with information, photos and map.

Via Francigena

L 'ancient Via Francigena, in the Middle Ages led pilgrims from northern Europe to Rome. The story says that in the winter the 800 stopped in Sutri Charlemagne before he was crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

Bathing paths

Lake Bolsena boasts a natural and largely untouched and is one of the few major Italian lakes to be completely bathing. The climate and the many beaches make this lake ideal match with several naturalistic moments of relaxation for those who want to do the bagno.Per are also several public beaches. In the various seaside resorts you can rent pedal boats and kaya.

Thermal Routes

Tourists who choose to visit the Lake Vico will also a spa area important and rich facilities and wellness centers. The proposed link and Lazio Spa in the Lake Bolsena.

I lake Italy

Terme in the province of Viterbo and near Lake Bolsena.

Vi ricordiamo che siete in una zona termale che ha origini molto antiche. We recommend that you visit the many spas near Lake Bolsena. Ecco la mappa delle terme vicino al vostro soggiorno.
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I Link di I Lake Italy

Abbiamo riportato i Link dei Siti Ufficiali che a nostro giudizio danno le informazioni più idonee a facilitare il soggiorno nel territorio del Lago di Bolsena.

Per Informazioni sugli Itinerari Culturali ,le Spiagge, le Strutture Ricettive e tutto quello di cui necessita il Turista , tornate alle pagina: Lake Bolsena


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