Borghi d’ Italia – Countries in Italy

Visitare i borghi storici d' Italia è un viaggio particolare tra bellezza, tradizione e storia. Un idea per una vacanza senza tempo, non organizzata ma vissuta al momento. In Italia è possibile sia per la grande quantità di " Città Storiche " che per la loro vicinanza. Vi consigliamo di scegliere una zona dei Laghi d' Italia  e di usarla come base per visitare i numerosi borghi storici.

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Visit the historic villages d 'Italy is a particular trip between beauty, tradition and history. An idea for a vacation time, unorganized but lived at the time. In Italy it is possible for both the large amount of "Historic Towns" which by their proximity. We advise you to choose an area of the Lakes d 'Italy and to use it as a base to visit the many historic towns.

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Holidays in Italy – Lake Vico

Tourists who choose to visit the Lake Vico will be in a spa area important, rich facilities and wellness centers.
 Relax and Nature
 For its peculiar natural characteristics the area Vicano included among the areas of special natural value of Lazio and between habitats of outstanding natural interest in Italy. A land full of different plant species and different spaces between them allows the development of life in many species animali.Il climate and the many beaches make this lake ideal to match the numerous nature trails relaxation for those wishing to make bagno.Per There are also several public beaches. In the various seaside resorts you can rent pedal boats and kaya.