Vacanze in Italia – Holidays in Italy – 在意大利的假期

Le Vacanze ai Laghi – 在假日湖 – Urlaub am See

In un paese dove il turismo è molto conosciuto per la bellezza delle coste marittime non è scontato, ma necessario, ricordare i suoi laghi come circuito turistico alternativo, con tutte le caratteristiche di un soggiorno di vacanze in Italia. Anzi è facile metterne in evidenza i vantaggi come il clima che rende le spiagge dei laghi piacevolmente balneabili, la tranquillità caratteristica del lago, gli itinerari naturalistici e sportivi, la facilità di soggiorno e tante altre caratteristiche molto apprezzate soprattutto da un turismo estero.
In a country where tourism is well known for the beauty of the sea-coast it is not obvious, but necessary, to recall its lakes as alternative tourist circuit, with all the characteristics of a holiday stay in Italy. Indeed, it is easy to highlight the benefits as the weather that makes bathing beaches pleasantly bathing, tranquility characteristic of the lake, nature trails and sports, the ease of living and many other features greatly appreciated especially by foreign tourism.
I Lake Italy  It is a specific portal to facilitate and raise awareness of the benefits of tourism in the Lakes of Italy.
In einem Land, wo der Tourismus ist gut bekannt für die Schönheit der Meeresküste ist es nicht offensichtlich, aber notwendig, um seine Seen als alternative touristischen Parcours mit allen Eigenschaften eines Ferienaufenthalt in Italien erinnern. In der Tat, ist es leicht, die Vorteile wie das Wetter, die Badestrände angenehm baden, Ruhe charakteristisch für den See, Naturlehrpfade und Sport, die Leichtigkeit des Lebens und viele andere Eigenschaften stark vor allem von ausländischen Tourismus geschätzt macht markieren.


Holidays in Italy – Lake Vico

Tourists who choose to visit the Lake Vico will be in a spa area important, rich facilities and wellness centers.
 Relax and Nature
 For its peculiar natural characteristics the area Vicano included among the areas of special natural value of Lazio and between habitats of outstanding natural interest in Italy. A land full of different plant species and different spaces between them allows the development of life in many species animali.Il climate and the many beaches make this lake ideal to match the numerous nature trails relaxation for those wishing to make bagno.Per There are also several public beaches. In the various seaside resorts you can rent pedal boats and kaya.